Eggs are delicious, or How Chickens will rule the world.

I really really like eggs for breakfast.

I can’t even begin to tell you how delicious these chicken bullets make me feel. Mostly I like them scrambled but here are some other options just in case you’re feeling a little frisky this morning.

1. Scrambled with Orange Juice- Yeah that’s right! they add a nice tangy flavor to your morning eggs, pour in a half cup of OJ to your scrambled eggs and watch the scurvy disappear.

2. Eggs Benedict – Or as the Pope calls them, “Eggs me” Hollandaise, ham and english muffin. Dear Benedict… Thank you…

3.Eggs Over easy-medium-hard= How long eggs spend-on-the-frying-pan. Personally I prefer them a little hard with some pepper. Hardcore eggs!

4.Hard Boiled – Usually only athletes eat these maybe because they want to gain weight? so they eat them all the time? Eggs aren’t fattening so don’t believe what they say, athletes can’t be trusted. Anyway hard boiled eggs take forever to make AND you gotta peel off the shell. BORING!

5.Fried egg with a cookie cutter- Want a gingerbread man fried egg! use a cookie cutter to hold in the egg while your frying it, good for kids and immature adults as well. (I don’t play with my food)

6.Poached egg- Poach your egg in water? BORING! Try VODKA! You still get to see when your egg is done AND you start out your day a little buzzed. I like to call them Stoli Eggs or Eggs Cosmo.

ENJOY! and thank a chicken next time you see one.




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6 Responses to Eggs are delicious, or How Chickens will rule the world.

  1. Poached eggs in vodka? I might have to try that out.

  2. “Eggs Me” — awesome line 🙂

  3. jaimeadriana says:

    I’m a breakfast cook in a small town restaurant. I think next time I’m in, I’m going to poach all the eggs in vodka. Great idea! lol

  4. Eggs Stoli- without lighting the vodka. Might be worth an experiment or two with the fire extinguisher on hand.
    love it!

  5. Maxim says:

    You egg fiend! I’ll totally have to dry the egg in the cookie cutter. I want a gingerbread man shaped egg!!!!

  6. I don’t care for eggs much–haven’t ever, really. This ( is the only way I can eat eggs.

    By the way, thanks for commenting on my blog!~

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