I am not a sexist- I think. OR The Double Standard

So here is what happened,

This is the part about my sister and sexism that got me thinking.

My sister, who is 20 years old, was on her way to Best Buy after work. It was night time and she was stopped at an intersection. The light turns green and she enters the intersection only to realize that that there is ambulance about to enter the intersection as well, it’s far enough away but she doesn’t want to stop in the middle of the intersection so she hits the gas and zooms off.

After parking at Best Buy and getting out of her car, a man who she described as looking like “a fat Gary Busey” approaches my sister and starts yelling at her. “You should have stopped for that Ambulance!” “I followed you ALL THE WAY from that intersection to tell you, that you fucked up!”

Of course my sister reverted back to her upbringing and started using “logic.” She couldn’t have stopped in the intersection as she would have been blocking it and the only option for her was to continue on through it. 

Well the use of “Logic” on the elderly can sometimes piss them off, especially when they think they’re right,  and also when they are trying to mind throttle you with anger. He started yelling at her louder and cussing and all the things that win arguments(NOT). So my sister just walked away from him calling her names like “Bitch” and everything you can imagine. She purchased her items and went home, the rest of the night was uneventful until she came home and told me and my brother what had happened.

The rest of the blog is about me and my brother and sexism.

My brother and I after hearing this story IMMEDIATELY had an idea of how that night would have ended up differently. We both agreed that had a “guy” been sitting next to my sister this old fart probably would’ve done what everyone else does when they witness something they think is stupid. They say to themselves in their car, “wow that was stupid,” or “what an idiot.” BUT it was the fact that it was my sister BY HERSELF that this guy thought he could play daddy and yell at my sister, obviously venting frustration at all the things that are going wrong in his own life. (Ladies don’t take this as excuse to go out and get boyfriends and husbands. For reals.)

My brother works for Starbucks and has his own examples of women being treated like shit from customers, getting yelled at and verbally abused but WHEN HE DOES THE EXACT SAME THING (makes a mistake) they either don’t say anything or let him know nicely. My brother says the women in his store get 4 times the amount of complaints from men as compared to the other guys who work there.

I will do my part, if I see a woman or man doing something idiotic, stupid, inane and unsafe etc. I will politely tell them what they are doing is wrong, I won’t just say it to women.

Granted there are exceptions to every rule, I’ve known some men in my time who have no problem telling another guy off. What it comes down to is that there are some cowardly men out there who have no problem taking it out on women because they won’t get punched in the face. AND women need to stick up for themselves when presented with these assholes, you’d be surprised how easy it is.

End of Rant.



PS do you agree with me? or No? what are your experiences with this topic, do you think there is a double standard?


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9 Responses to I am not a sexist- I think. OR The Double Standard

  1. Jeanna says:

    Love this post. I am a 30 year old female that works in the Department of Defense… and let me just say… I am an Data Analyst… I work with nearly all men… when I am introduced to new men that do different things, they assume I am there to get their coffee… they never for a second think that I do the same exact work they do. URGHHH.

  2. challahgirl says:

    I never thought about it this way. Although, I do noticed that I take a lot more flack from my office mates then the men do. Hm. Maybe this has something to do with it.

    Either way – very interesting read for sure. I’m glad your sister is okay. That sounds like a scary situation to be in. Yikes!

  3. alanschuyler says:

    You are right on target. Well said. I’ve seen the same thing, but if I’m there I try to butt in and tell the guy to lighten up. If another guy tells a guy he’s acting like an asshole he’ll usually back down.

  4. Maxim says:

    Most girls I hang around with tend to be pretty aggressive so they wouldn’t take that kind of abuse sitting down. That guy would probably be dead.

  5. pithypants says:

    I’m going to do my part: the next time a man yells at me like that, I’m going to punch him in the face.

  6. Anton Wiess says:

    Great Post!

  7. I’m a retail manager and men treat me like that in my store all the time – over ridiculous things not even related to my business. I look innocent and maybe too sweet to stick up for myself. I guess maybe I am. So, I’m sorry about all those tires I slashed…

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