Can we all just pump the brakes on the word “Creepy” please?

This man is homeless, just because he doesn't have access to a shower and nice clothes, doesn't make him creepy.

I had an interesting story that was told to me by my mother. In it, my brother ended up being called “Creepy” by this girl. My brother doesn’t have the greatest self-esteem, and is a little socially awkward. So to be called that by the opposite sex probably hurt a lot. I feel for him, I really do.

The story itself isn’t that interesting except that it made me think that many times in today’s society, boys and girls frequently use the word “creepy” to define someone who isn’t like them or is socially awkward. Be they shy, ugly, physically deformed, gay, less smart, lacking self-confidence, overweight etc. etc. etc.

I’m saying right now in this blog, I will try to stop using this word to describe a human being that either lacks social graces or someone I don’t understand.  There are exceptions; maybe if I see a rapist, or a pedophile or a very self-centered man or woman I’ll use this word. (Which by the way being self-centered to me, is similar to being a sociopath, ergo creepy.)

I just wanted to share this thought with people, I know it’s easier to hate someone who is different or even less attractive than oneself, thereby calling them creepy. I mean after all, Ugly people get longer prison sentences and are convicted more often. Let’s cut people some slack just because their behavior is different than ours. That’s no reason to button them as Crazy or Creepy.

Oh whoops! Did you see what I did there? I brought in a new word. Crazy.

This man actually is crazy.

Crazy also is in play here too. Behavior that people find weird or confusing can be grouped into these two buzzwords.

Don’t misunderstand; I’m not a huge fan of Politically Correct. I just think our communities and this country we live in, would be a better place if we treated everyone with respect even the people that we don’t understand. Not everyone gets to be a super popular celebrity. Let’s remind ourselves every day that we live with, are married to, and are related to people who don’t fit the social mold like a pair of Kim Kardashian’s shoes.

Thanks for reading.




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