The Faces of Meth, or how I worked with meth addicts.

Steve Rasmussen booking photo. Jks jks.

So after watching the movie, Winters Bone I was reminded of a certain job I had. Roofing, well I’ve already blogged once about it here but the character “teardrop” from Winters Bone reminded me of two guys I worked with roofing.

To get started their names were Pete Rasmussen and Pete Sleazer, both were Tweakers. For those of you who don’t know the subject matter of Winters Bone or have never heard of the word Tweakers, they are also commonly referred to as meth heads or a meth addict.

These are the kinds of people that I worked with. Not all mind you, but a good deal of them.

For this blog I’m going to talk about Pete Rasmussen. He was the kind of guy who had obviously been using meth for a while, he looked maybe in his 50’s but I’m sure he was in his early 40’s because of the Meth use.  I distinctly remember that he had 5 visible teeth, so if you told a funny joke he’d laugh with his lips over his teeth because he was embarrassed about it. HILARIOUS to watch.

Try it, try laughing with your teeth right now in a mirror, you’ll thank me later.

Anyway, the company I worked for didn’t trust Pete R. driving a dump truck. They didn’t want him going to the dump to get rid of roofing garbage and taking all day to get back. (How he had his CDL is beyond me, he drove like an angry grandma texting her girlfriends.) SO GUESS WHO got to babysit? Yeah me. So here I am sitting in this Dump truck, Pete R is trying to tell me this story and every time he looks at me, the large dump truck slowly inches into oncoming traffic.

This is what I thought was going to happen to me

I’m all, “Pete! Watch the road.” To which he responds in his low breathy voice, “I’ve got it, let me get back to my story.” We have this same conversation maybe 7 times, each time he slowly inches into oncoming traffic and I correct him thereby interrupting his story. So I’m thinking after he swerves from oncoming traffic again for the 8th time, “I’m in a huge dump truck, how bad could this accident be for me?”

That gave me a little more courage, but then again what if he hits a family with this dump truck?  Bad news for them.

We got to the dump, got rid of the garbage and drove back to the worksite. I probably had 29 heart attacks on the entire trip.

The only other thing I remember about Pete Rasmussen was the day he got fired.

So all morning he had been acting weird, and I’m talking, irrational mumbling, misplacing things IN HIS HAND, talking to himself, laughing to himself and everything you can imagine that would make you believe he was going to kill everyone on the roof that day.

So about an hour before the lunch break he disappears. Totally pulls a Houdini, everyone on the roof was relieved because we thought he was gonna go berserk on us.  Then he goes and shows up about 3 hours later talking like a normal person and looking like he went to a job interview for Morgan Stanley.

Seriously his hair was combed and he looked calm. I mean other than the dirty roofer clothes and his 5 teeth, he could have worked in Wall Street.

I drew up this diagram to illustrate.

Before and After

The crew boss wasn’t having it and when we got back to the shop they fired him for OBVIOUS drug use. As well as for the disappearing act he pulled. From what I can remember he was already on thin ice anyway.  Well he was on ice all the time but you get the idea.

I’ll blog about Pete Sleazer another time.




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  1. diagram is too funny. Thanks!

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