an 80’s montage for every occasion.

The 1980’s had some of the best music ever.

not only is it the best but 90% of fits perfectly into any montage, think about it.

1. You’re sitting at your table opening your mail, you chance across a letter from your grandma. you notice that its been postmarked months before and has been constantly rerouted. You open it and realize your grandma has been sick and you never called her.

You rush to the phone and call her. she died 3 minutes before your call. You spend the rest of the day looking out the window at the rain. lying in your bed thinking long deep thoughts about your grandma, you take a shot of bourbon while looking at yourself in the mirror, your muscles illuminated by the bright fluorescent lights above and all the while this song plays in the background.

2. Its you, alone in the woods with your log cabin, your trusty dog spike and the great outdoors.

Spike rushes up to you sleeping in bed, grabbing your foot to wake you up. You roll your eyes and shake your head. You rush outside with a pair of levis and converse on. Your muscles rippling in the morning sun, you run like a bolt down the dirt road, spike is running after you happy!

You reach the morning paper at the end of the road and run back. CUT TO: chopping wood with spike. Spike stacks the wood neatly that you’ve chopped, you look on with approval. CUT TO: playing frisbee with spike. CUT TO: You making breakfast, spike sits obediently next to his bowl, you smile and throw him a piece of bacon. all the while this song plays in the background

3. You and bunch of navy pilots are training to become the “top gun.” During training you decide to let off some steam with a bunch of the other guys. You grab a volleyball and start playing. Topless, your military muscles and the muscles of your fellow classmates glisten from the bright sun. You spike the ball and win the game! All the while this song plays in the background.

I hope this makes your day, cause it made mine.




About MaximumWage

I don't wear shoes. And I habitually reinvent myself, like the wheel.
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2 Responses to an 80’s montage for every occasion.

  1. JB Maddawg says:

    Tubular! Now, I gotta go find my parachute pants, and the neon green cord for my sunglasses!

  2. mrasherkade says:

    Hahah That first song should be like a theme song for me!
    Bring on the leather pants and puffy hair!

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