Why I run.. FOR FUN!


For some of us alive, there are people who exercise and move, keeping in tune with their bodies and exploring ways to stay healthy AND stay active.  There are also those, whose idea of exercise is weight lifting a Dorito chip from the bag to the mouth. You know, a living breathing Jabba the Hut with just a smaller face (if that’s possible). (By the way, I can totally do 600 reps from a bag of Doritos)

I happen to think that if I ever stop moving I shall definitely turn into the stay puft marshmallow man, so I run.  Now let me make this clear, I’m no expert. I have run one half marathon and one 10k. I’m a bigger dude so the idea of me running long distances is like James Bond going bowling. You can picture it but it seems out of the ordinary.

So I run. I run to stay fit, I run for the adrenaline rush. I run to enjoy the scenery around me and to explore. I can’t tell you how many things I’ve seen in my neighborhood because I run.

When I see people with maybe, 3% body fat running a marathon, am I jealous? Yes, maybe a little. Kind of like in toy story 3 at the beginning when all the toys want, is to be played with. I want to do a marathon but I’m never motivated enough, the pain itself is such a deterrent. The only time I’ve ever felt motivated was when I saw the movie Apocalypto.  Mayan bad guys are chasing this guy through the Mexican jungle for half the movie, mostly running at full speed, and the guy takes short quick little breaks before he has to keep running again.  Mexicans are fast. (AND that’s not counting Speedy Gonzalez.)

In the end if you like running, well good for you, you’re already part of the Cult. If you haven’t tried running I suggest some of the programs like, couch to 5k. They’re pretty fun! Kind of like Pod racing, only not really.


(So were you playing along? How many movie references did I make? Not counting the Speedy Gonzalez reference.) Answer = 6.


About MaximumWage

I don't wear shoes. And I habitually reinvent myself, like the wheel.
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3 Responses to Why I run.. FOR FUN!

  1. lauren says:

    Not only were there 6 movie references, but they referred to excellent movies. Yeah for me motivation is the hardest part about running. I did track from 6th grade until my senior year of college, but now that I graduated and it’s not part of my schedule, I have a hard time getting myself to do it. Also I was a sprinter so I’m not mentally built for distance running… and people think your nuts if you run full speed down a sidewalk.

    But running is a great way to get outside and actually do something! So thanks for the extra bit of motivation 🙂

  2. Does the hour I spend running around my house trying to leave in time for work get me into the cult?

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