Lots of spaces and places for sale!

Due to the economic down turn and the recent spate of foreclosures, there are some properties you might be interested in.  I will have you  know that these properties I am only sharing with you, my readers.  If you have any spare cash lying about I highly suggest you start investing in the real estate market. Prices are low but they can’t go this low forever.


Price: 67,000$

This 6 bedroom, 3 bath Mansion in a secluded suburb has recently gone on the market because its former owner was killed in a car bomb detonation.

If you are planning any trips to Afghanistan I highly recommend you look at buying this greatly inexpensive mansion. Why the cost of this in the US or in Europe would certainly be double or triple its current value.

Security detail not included.

Trash service not included

barb wire not included.

Police and Fire, non existent.


This 4 bed 2 bath is a huge fixer upper!

But don’t run away just yet! Located in one of the worst crime ridden areas of the country. This former crack den has seen its fair share of “drama.”

But don’t run away just yet! Located 20 minutes from some of the worst schools in the Detroit area, living here might just make you a believer in “survival of the fittest.”

But don’t run away just yet!

The asking price on this battle hardened eye sore of a fixer upper is just one dollar. Thats right just one George Washington! 1$ Don’t believe me? Go here!

Shotgun for self defense not included.

The crackhead squatters come as a bonus and you’ll have to evict them yourself. The local police are a little busy.


This guy’s back is for sale. APPARENTLY

Have you ever thought about permanently fixing the tattoo of your favorite company, in exchange for money?

Do you like eating at the Cheesecake factory? HOW ABOUT A TATTOO? Think of all the free cheesecake you could get!? What about GoodYear tires, or even Disney?


All of the slightly used or unused MySpace pages.


Since mMySpace has gone down hill, you can literally email anyone you want and offer them cold hard cash for their MySpace page. I just bought N’Sync’s page for 60$ WHAT A STEAL!


This palatial estate was foreclosed on because its former owner. PEACH PRINCESS was unable to make the necessary payments due to her constant kidnapping and rescue efforts.

It is a 17 room mansion with a moat, drawbridge and picturesque grounds and vistas.

Serious buyers only.

Poor Mario.


About MaximumWage

I don't wear shoes. And I habitually reinvent myself, like the wheel.
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6 Responses to Lots of spaces and places for sale!

  1. hazeldove76 says:

    Thank you for some much needed laughter in my day.

  2. The house next to me has been for sale for 2+ years. But it isnt cool like those houses.

  3. Great job. As always. Ha ha ha ha ha.

  4. BrainRants says:

    I HAVE SEEN THAT HOUSE IN AFGHANISTAN, I SWEAR!! It’s near Kandahar, right??

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