All about me again and ASK AWAY!


Thats me!

Well except for the messed up jawline that’s me. Here are some fun factoids about me as a person. Feel free to do my quiz here. After all, I’m so mysterious!

1. I think 5 year old me would be pretty proud of me today only because I own a car.

2. I don’t drive defensively, I drive like a running back who doesn’t want to get tackled.

3. I’ve always been attracted to women who could do things I couldn’t such as, write blogs, do math and have babies. You know, the hard stuff.

4. If America has taught me anything its that the Tshirt as a style choice is here to stay forever.

5. I keep my wallet in my back right pocket, or if I’m in a bad neighborhood I leave it at home.

6. I can’t wait to be old and not give a shit anymore.

7. I’ve always wanted to sneak a bow and arrow onto a flight, WOOD doesn’t set off the metal detectors.

8. It makes me sad to know that if the United States ever has another Civil War, (Statistically speaking) the first blows will be thrown in the parking lot of a Walmart.

9. I am 1 part armchair psychologist, 1 part Devil’s advocate and 2 parts kick in the pants, shake and pour over ice with a lemon garnish.

10. If I was ever forced to beg for money I’d hold up a sign that said, “I bet you a quarter you can’t hit me.”

11. Anarchists cookbook? PLEASE, a way better read is the Anarchists chicken soup for the soul. That story on page 64 had me tearing up bad.

12. I feel like I’ve read way more books half way through than actual books all the way through…. That’s probably bad.

13. ASK YOUR QUESTIONS! I’ll answer as truthfully as possible.




About MaximumWage

I don't wear shoes. And I habitually reinvent myself, like the wheel.
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8 Responses to All about me again and ASK AWAY!

  1. BrainRants says:

    This all explains quite a lot.

  2. Hmm.. So many questions I could ask. I’ll start with what is your favorite Justin Beiber song, if you can pick only one?

  3. ysobele says:

    Really?! wood doesn’t set off metal detectors? never would have guessed….
    If you couldn’t bring the bow and arrow onto flight what would you have brought?

    Gum wouldn’t set off alarms also. Chew until it nears oblivion then stick it on the tray in front for the next passenger to find. With your image up there and the dastardly deed, they’d think you’re Al quaida, πŸ˜€

    • MaximumWage says:

      If I can’t bring a bow and arrow onto a flight then I’d just bring a people magazine or TIME. Cause my desire to do bad things has gone away if I can’t bring on the bow and arrow.

      Also, I prefer to swallow gum so No I won’t be sticking it on any trays. πŸ™‚

      Just kidding about that swallowing gum, I really just let it fall out of my mouth as I fall asleep.

      • ysobele says:

        awwww… shucks.. tsk!
        if you’d stuck the gum, I would have respected you in the morning. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ joke

        .. good looking picture though

  4. benzeknees says:

    Jeans may change styles, but I think they are here to stay too!

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