All about Euclid

So I challenged someone on Twitter to give me a topic to blog about…

And this happened:

To Understand Euclidean Geometry one must first understand Euclid.

Euclid was a man of genius. One of those guys who walked into a bar filled with people and starting teaching them Geometry like he was telling them who won last night’s America’s Next top Model. He could look at books and memorize them with one look.

There is a story of Euclid,  The king at the time, this whiny guy named Ptolemy. Had this gigantic Library in Alexandria. This library was the center of the learning universe, people would come from all around the world to learn. Ptolemy needed a janitor and so he hired Euclid to clean up his library during off peak hours.

Euclid worked as a janitor for the king, sometimes solving math problems on chalk boards and sometimes cleaning out the bathrooms (they existed at that time I checked.) Anyway, there was like this super dooper hard problem and Euclid totally nails that shit. And like, the whole Library is freaking out cause this math problem was like totally hard.


So Euclid was the head teacher and he was instructing the king. The king was tired of all the boring math and was like, “Dude can’t we take a short cut? Isn’t there a short cut with this MATH?” And Euclid just stood there like he was talking to a 13 yr old. He face palmed and replied, “King, there is no HOV lane for math. ” And then the King was like “huh?” The king didn’t even know about HOV LANES! CAUSE IT WAS LIKE 300BC!

Anyway If you want to know more about Euclidean Geometry I just found out about this website called wikipedia. It will totally explain everything you need to know about this subject.

On a side note, Good Will Hunting is one of my most favoritest movies ever.

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4 Responses to All about Euclid

  1. Nice.. I quite like how you made it sound like a story book. The story is oddly familiar of that movie, Good Will Hunting.

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