Stupid Phrases for Stupid People

We’ve all used trite, cliche and even absolutely abysmal phrases that should be completely outlawed. The penalty for using any of these phrases should be a long night in a medieval dungeon with Gustav the torturer.

I have previously spoken on similar topics here:

Please describe yourself in the most annoying way possible.

Stupid words for Stupid People

1. “You should smile more!”

Oh, thanks for the advice, smile Nazi! How about telling a joke or giving me some free money if you’re so concerned about whether or not I’m smiling enough around you. What if I’m not smiling because you’re around? HUH!?

2. “Everything Happens for a reason.”

Really? One time I was Vomiting and had explosive diarrhea AT THE SAME TIME! What was the reason for that? How about this, instead of giving me your pathetic attempt at regulating smile consumption, just keep your mouth shut. Lots of random things happen every day, their isn’t a cosmic reason for starvation.

3.  “I’m gonna give 110%.”

so you’ll give 10% more than everything you can give? Does this mean you’ll die for it? I’d love to see that.

4. “UGH! I’m so Dyslexic! Ugh! I’m so Bi-Polar!”

No you’re not, you’re just a bad speller and an idiot. No you’re not Bi-polar you’re just moody with a hair trigger temper. Stop self diagnosing yourself, lets leave that to the experts.

5.  (While at a meeting) “Is everyone excited to be here!?” followed quickly with, “I CANT HEAR YOU!?”

Seriously, This was how the French Revolution was started. no joke. Next thing you know, the french royalty were being guillotined. Don’t even do this. EVER.

6. “Working hard, or hardly working?”

Or how about being fired for workplace assault with a deadly weapon?







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5 Responses to Stupid Phrases for Stupid People

  1. I love when people say something really easy is impossible. Nope you are just lazy.
    I also love when people say to women you are hormonal must be that time of the month. Nope I am just showing the emotion that comes with dealing with idiots like you.

  2. Paula Turner says:

    “Don’t get mad, but…” and then people give you their opinion which is generally something that is going to piss you off….

  3. WSW says:

    Number one on my list is use of the word awesome to describe such things as video games, chicken sandwiches and middling test scores. The Grand Canyon is awesome, as is the Great Wall. Your new skateboard is not.

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