30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 9

How Important I think Education is

Damn, I really should have read every day on this blog challenge. This has to be the dumbest topic.

IMPORTANT? Education is damn important! Don’t get me wrong not everyone wants, or should go to college. The problem arises when your economy requires an education just to get ahead. When my father was in college many of his high school classmates could leave high school and get a decent paying job doing most anything. Unfortunately most of those jobs are gone and never to return.

So the next obvious question is, do the number of students entering college reflect this fact? Absolutely. Its probably one of the reasons why college is so expensive. Universities know students will take out crushing debt to pay for college because its still the only ticket in town to the middle class. I really don’t know how to solve the student loan crisis. I’m just a fan of college in general.

Anyway I’d love to hear your thoughts on lowering the cost of higher education.


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3 Responses to 30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 9

  1. Paula Turner says:

    I live in Canada where tuition is subsidized by the government but there are still significant numbers of people who cannot hope to attend post secondary education and many who do attend leave with huge student loans. It is becoming commonplace that a second degree is required for the advancement an undergrad degree used to achieve….putting a comfortable living farther afield. Truly crazy.

  2. Ditto, Paula Turner’s comment.

  3. My two cents- College should be free public education just as k-12 is. It should not be mandatory. There should also be options to go to trade schools instead of high school or in part with. Allowing everyone to become skilled in their own way diversifying the work force. There is no reason for anyone to be so in debt they cannot afford to live from college. My children will be done with college before my college is paid off.
    How would one accomplish this free public education. Well , that would mean a complete re work of how taxes that are collected are spent. Which congress could never do because they cannot agree on what color shirts to wear to sunday brunch let alone agree on anything to help the country.
    just a thought.

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