30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 19

5 Items I lust after

As a heterosexual male I’m going to say,

  1. The love of a good woman *notice I didn’t say beautiful.
  2. A great job *cause I need stuff to do to keep me from eating ho hos all day long.
  3. A roof over my head *Because I like sleeping indoors
  4. Food to fill my tummy.
  5. Liquor *Once in a while

As a Superhero I’m going to say

  1. A secret disguise
  2. A secret cave
  3. A secret mission for justice, truth and the destruction of evil
  4. A secret code word for my followers to mobilize in the event of an invasion of evil forces.
  5. A secret place to put my ho hos.

As  a guy who blogs

  1. A funny idea to generate a blog post about.
  2. A place. (thanks word press)
  3. A laptop (that I won’t throw out the window)
  4. Totally awesome people to read it.
  5. Ho hos…. To… generate… Ideas… Yeah… That…

About MaximumWage

I don't wear shoes. And I habitually reinvent myself, like the wheel.
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4 Responses to 30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 19

  1. tyme4recess says:

    I am loving these blogs, I’m learning so much about what makes an interesting or thought provoking topic and simply what produces a shit eating grin. Thanks for doing this I”m happy to be along for the ride.

  2. ysobele says:

    hahaha… lemme get this straight…
    – u’re a homeless superhero bummer who keeps eating ho hos coz they won’t pay you on your secret mission for justice and destruction of evil?
    🙂 no. don’t throw away the laptop… it’s beginning to show signs of life… from mutation of ho hos..

  3. Tammy says:

    Hmm, I think I smell some………ho hos

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