30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 21

How I hope my future will be like


I mean excusing a terminator apocalypse, zombie apocalypse or even your run of the mill economic depression, I do have hope my future will be good. *I know this is a little bit of a departure from yesterdays blog post but bear with me*

You see I am under the sass and cynicism an optimist, I think thoughts have actions and weight and that to dwell to much on negativity can lead to a self fulfilling prophecy so to speak.

Now to lay out what this blog post really wants from me- Let me paint you a picture.

  • In a future world where superpowers are an everyday occurrence I have 4.
  • In a future world where money is scarce and Gold is the main currency, I have a midas touch. (but I can still eat food)
  • In a future where Twinkies don’t exist, there I will not be.
  • I wake from my race-car bed doing 20 pushups, I eat my cereal and make a phone call to my superhero son fighting the forces of darkness on the planet Rigel 7. We talk, I give him some tips on Super Mario 3 and I say I love him and we hang up. I go to my wife’s race-car bed (Don’t worry they’re pushed together) and gently wake her. I make breakfast for her. We rush out of the house to fight crime before finishing breakfast. I’m 600 years old.


The End.


About MaximumWage

I don't wear shoes. And I habitually reinvent myself, like the wheel.
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One Response to 30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 21

  1. ysobele says:

    OMG! who are you? what have you done to the Max wager?! you’ve hacked his account and u’re usurping his superpowers!!!…

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