Your Guide to the 30 Day Blogging Challenge

As stated before, I want to rewrite the 30 Day Blog Challenge. I tried to keep it gender neutral, and to mix up the topics more.  Apparently only women do the blogging challenge as I searched for lists, most of them were geared toward that gender. I have no problem answering questions about my body but I think its more fun to keep it fun. I also removed some of the redundancies or spread them out.

So here it is in no particular order.

  • day 0: the 30 day blogger challenge explanation & description
  • day 1: introduction and a little bit about you. Recent picture of yourself.
  • day 2: meaning behind your blog name
  • day 3: A place or thing that you are in love with. (Pick one)
  • day 4: All about your parents
  • day 5: Your top 5 songs of all time.
  • day 6: A picture, scene from a movie or a joke that makes you crack up.
  • day 7:A book you’d recommend.
  • day 8: The best place you’ve traveled to.
  • day 9: 5 things you need to survive a Zombie Apocalypse
  • day 10: Something you’re truly afraid of.
  • day 11: Something that frustrates the heck out of you.
  • day 12: Pick any random online personality test (Lord of the rings, Harry Potter etc) and show us the results.
  • day 13: A Goal you are working on.
  • day 14: You are now ruler of the world what do you do with your new found power?
  • day 15: A quote that means a lot to you.
  • day 16: On do overs, what in your life would you want to do over?
  • day 17: A Cause, belief or something you are passionate about.
  • day 18: favorite place to eat
  • day 19: something you miss
  • day 20: 5 people of the same sex you admire
  • day 21: 5 people of the opposite sex you admire
  • day 22: what’s in your junk drawer?
  • day 23: Your favorite drink?
  • day 24: A life lesson you’ve learned.
  • day 25: put your iPod on shuffle, first 10 songs
  • day 26: Take a photo of something in the same room as you and tell us a little bit about it.
  • day 27: Take an original photo of the city you live in.
  • day 28: Confession time, what real or fictitious person would you leave your significant other for?
  • day 29: You have the power to remove 1 thing from popular culture forever what is it?
  • day 30: You’ve been convicted of a crime, what crime could you possibly see yourself committing?

About MaximumWage

I don't wear shoes. And I habitually reinvent myself, like the wheel.
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2 Responses to Your Guide to the 30 Day Blogging Challenge

  1. ysobele says:

    what!! we’re going to do this again?! o c’mon super max don’t be like jesus and fergie all over again hahaha…
    If I keep doing 30 day blog challenges I’m going to end up like this frog..:)

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