That is SO BADASS!

1. How bad ass would it be to commute to work on a hang glider? Better yet, a Chariot! Better Still a VELOCIRAPTOR !

2. How bad ass would it be to see a superhero save the planet in cut off jeans shorts and a flannel shirt. LETS BRING THEM BACK!

3.How bad ass of a game is playing “grab a bull’s balls and hold on?” seriously who is up for a game?

4. How bad ass would it be to run for president and win, only to tell the whole country in your victory speech that they should have voted for the other guy. AND then not resign.

5.How bad ass would it be to have a mullet in your pubic hair?

6. I don’t play Russian Roulette, I play its more badass version, Ambien roulette. 6 ambien mixed with one placebo, you and your friends each take one and have a massive pillow fight. whoever wakes up with sharpie marks all over his face lost.

7. Its pretty bad ass when you ask a girl out. Its even more bad ass when a girl asks a guy out.

8. Its bad ass to herd steer, its even more bad ass to herd cars during rush hour.

9. Speaking of herding cars, have you ever tried taming a ford mustang? That’s pretty bad ass.

10. How bad ass is it to eat a ton of beans and finish it off with a quart of Ex-lax only to go on an interview. I DARE YOU to try it.


About MaximumWage

I don't wear shoes. And I habitually reinvent myself, like the wheel.
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2 Responses to That is SO BADASS!

  1. Well damn, I think I just found the white definiton of a badass. Hahaha, jk. But on the real, No 4 & 10 are the chosen ones…

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