To The Assholes Who Made The Game Words With Friends.

Hey Guys,

Not too long ago I came across this word “IZ.”

I was shocked to find out that it was a word. Combined with the other word “Zen” my opponent racked up a good 60+ point word right there.

I still barely won the game, Fortunately. However today I found myself trying to do the same word.

What the hell?! Does this stupid game try to arbitrarily even the game out? Am I being screwed out of a hard fought victory because of some random word change? Is this a programming glitch?

So not cool, so very not cool.

The makers of Words With Friends are bunch, slack jawed, mouth breathers with egg yolk for brains. I bet they’re a bunch of grammar nazis. NO WAIT Grammar Terrorists! Who like totally use the word “like” all the time.  They believe that words aren’t sacred and that bald eagles shit on American flags draped over medal of honor winners. Noah Webster has turned over in his grave so many times that  he is now a power source capable of running a a small office of computers running the game “Words With Friends.” That’s right, those Grammar terrorists are just a bunch of Ass holes… There I said it.

Iz you happy now Assholes?


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52 Responses to To The Assholes Who Made The Game Words With Friends.

  1. I’m with you! As much as I enjoy playing Words With Friends, I find it extremely inconsistent and often frustrating. Grammar Terrorists ARE *ssholes!

  2. J says:

    This just happened to me today! I had two people play IZ on me and it won’t go though for me now. Horseshit!

  3. Gadnium says:

    Someone just played IZ on me….


  4. An opponent has played it on me twice in two games, but it won’t allow me to play it.

  5. daviespaul says:

    You can play IZ on Android but not on iOS. Don’t know about other platforms

  6. K says:

    Yup! Did that to me a couple of times. Pissed! Thought I was going crazy.

  7. Mike D says:

    Simply put – if you play words with a FRIEND simply ask them to not play the word – as it puts them at an unfair advantage. If they refuse then I suppose they are not your true friend.

  8. p says:

    Maybe you should enjoy the game even if it happens…otherwise, quit whining…a whole blog for not being able to play a word? Who’s the asshole? the one who worked hard to make the game(and provide for free) or the one who trash talks it?

  9. Brian says:

    Webster’s dictionary is Noah Webster, not Daniel. You iz wrong…

  10. Lmfnyc says:

    The same thing just happened to me! I found you when I googled iz words with friends!

  11. junkdna says:

    ZL is another one of those, as a programmer i think it’s pretty funny that they can’t get it working right.

  12. Taylor says:

    It’s awful how American English continues to allow such words. I have grown up with British English, and have always appreciated the difference between the two, but the divide seems quite large now.

    • MaximumWage says:

      Yeah, I’m not sure where the word “IZ” came from but I think you’re speaking about American slang. Which I have to admit is very different from British english

  13. robert newton says:

    Try “cu” as well, another “word” those assholes allow on android but not on IOS. I’m not bitter about it……I’m over it…..I promise……..

  14. The same happened to me with CU and then today someone played IZ. I also am not allowed to play either of those words. Ridiculous!!

  15. SculpinHunter says:

    Just ran into this fuckery myself recently and it cost me the game. Pisses me off!

  16. sketchypete says:

    I’ve had IZ and AC this week, which prompted the google search which brought me here. Still won both games, but here’s a word for them, BS…

  17. ghengisahn says:

    Please cry more, your weakness feeds me

    • MaximumWage says:

      Who said anything about crying? How about this, how about you spell Genghis Khan correctly? Hmmm? How about that? Next time take a breather before you post… Might save you some embarrassment.

      • ghengisahn says:

        That’s really cute considering my last name is ahn and I’m using the name, ghengisahn, as a pseudonym. But that’s cool bro! I eat kids like you on words with iz 🙂

      • MaximumWage says:

        Ohhh Man. Yah got me! Chop busted, teenage Asian person… CHOP BUSTED! Have fun playing words with friends…

  18. Derek Metcalfe says:

    Yep!! I’ve had the IZ layed in me. Exasperation ensued when I wasn’t allowed it!! Also on my part, ‘ANODISE’ was poo-pooed!! FECKERS!!! Needs sorting. Getting pipped by illiterates can get gauling!! Mousechin.

  19. Del says:

    I’m led to believe an unnecessary glut of exclamation marks iz often construed as, in some way, off-putting!!!!!!! SORRY!!!!!!! (hilarious!!!)

  20. Kara says:

    I’ve had it played on me 3 times now. I told the dude that it won’t let it play that word for me and he just ‘hmmppffed’. Now he just played it on me again, and I called him on it.

  21. Maggie says:

    More importantly how do you get rid of someone who won’t play , reminders don’t work neither do messages. 3 people are making me wait an average of 20 days. Can they be elliminated from the game somehow?

    • Nits says:

      Iz annoying but what iz worse:

      “Insert name here” just played iz for 50 points, tell them great job notifications

      Anyone know how to disable these?

      • MaximumWage says:

        Nah its part of the “Free” part of the game or as I like to call it the cost to play the game. whether its on facebook or on your phone.

      • Patia says:

        I have the paid version and I get those. They drive me nuts. (I found this searching for a way to make them stop.) Why would I care what somebody played in a game with someone else?

        “Tell them great job!” Really, I have better things to do.

  22. Vlad says:

    Its a Cydia hack called “mess with words” you can down load the hack and it’ll let you play anything.. I know because I found out a prick who played “FUCKU” and then he confesses and in my mind I punched him in his throat but just called him a dick instead.. Google it.

  23. Shush says:

    You made a really great point! Why don’t you check out Letter UP on Facebook ( Unlike similar word games such as Words with Friends and Scrabble, Letter UP ensures that players who want to play now can play now – not the next day or week when your opponent decides to play.

  24. Nale Dixon says:

    Yeah, this game actually rejects “we”, “go”, and other 2-letter words all of a sudden. The hell’s up with that?

  25. Everett Wiles. says:

    Really, !!!! That a-hole complaining about the word really needs to find a game he has to pay to play…. He seems to me like a user, or the def. of gimme..

  26. Not so Dumb says:

    IMO – whether one pays for a game or not the game should play correctly, oon both android and IOS. continue you berate people because you fuck up and the popularity of your app goes down, then you slowly lose, when you slowly lose customer you eventually go out of business.

  27. Kt says:

    To the writer of the above commentary “To the Assholes Who Made The game Words With Friends”
    Would you like me to call you a Whaaaaaam-bulance? Get over it! It’s a frickin’ game! You just can’t stand the thought of losing!!
    Now don’t be critiquing my spelling/grammar you Game-Nazi-terrorist-name-caller!
    Most sincerely,
    PS Iz that clear enuf?

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