The 2012 Election Drinking Game

Hello and welcome to the 2nd annual presidential election drinking game. I created one for the 2008 election that I posted to Facebook and so I thought why not make one again for this election. Why not get drunk on election day?

To my non American friends I apologize you’ll just have to think of your own election day drinking games.

If you lose your job because you got so hammered on election night I’m really sorry son, but I got 99 problems and the unemployed ain’t one.

Please print these rules out, as this game is as complicated as politics.

Things you will need:

  • Beer
  • Hard Alcohol
  • Blue and Red colored sharpies
  • TV
  • Timer (Stopwatch or smartphone app)
  • Friends (more than one person)
  • Computer with access to Facebook

Its better to play this game with a group of people. Before starting everyone picks their candidate, Romney or Obama. YOU HAVE TO PICK A SIDE (If everyone picks Obama or Romney it doesn’t matter, the whole room can be for one or the other.)

So after you’ve voted ( I mean you voted right?) but before everyone drinks, we recite the pledge.  Hold up your right hand with a beer in your left.

“I pledge and swear on the ghost of George Washington, a bald eagle and my freedoms as an American. That I will neither create, nor manifest any sedition, political debates or anger directed at anyone here nor anyone on the television, so help me Richard Nixon.”

After the pledge has been given, turn the tv on to an election coverage news channel. Pick a channel that isn’t Fox News or MSNBC.

– For your friends that have sided with Obama, using the blue sharpie to draw a star, hammer and sickle, O or smiley face on the top of one of your drinking hand. For your friends that have sided with Romney, using the red sharpie draw a star, swastika, R or smiley face on the top of your drinking hand.

– In lieu of taking a shot you may have someone draw a political symbol anywhere on your body.

The Rules:

If the state you are watching the election from is mentioned everyone take a drink.

Every time a state is called and the electoral votes given to Obama, ROMNEY Supporters take a drink.

Every time a state is called and the electoral votes given to Romney, OBAMA supporters take a drink.

Secret words:

  • If the words 47%, Romnesia, Bain and Paul Ryan are ever mentioned, ROMNEY Supporters take a drink.
  • If the words Obamacare, Solyndra, Joe Biden or Unemployment are ever mentioned, OBAMA Supporters take a drink.
  • If Sarah Palin, McCain or anything to do with the 2008 election appear on TV at all everyone takes a drink.

When the news coverage goes to commercial, set the timer for 15 seconds and turn to Fox News or MSNBC.

  • If Fox News is chosen, the person with the most cash in their wallet or the fullest beer do not have to drink, all the others must drink until empty or until the timer runs out.
  • If MSNBC is chosen, The person with the most cash in their wallet or the fullest beer must drink continuously until they are empty or the timer runs out.

Sign on to anyone’s Facebook, search for the first political comment. If it is pro Romney, Obama supporters take a drink. If it is pro Obama, Romney supporters drink.

When a swing state is called, the losing side takes 5 drinks.

The swing states are:

  • Virginia
  • Florida
  • Ohio
  • Colorado
  • North Carolina

When New York is called, the losing side takes a shot.

When Texas is called, the losing side takes a shot.

When the election is called the game is over and everyone takes a shot.

That’s it! Enjoy your election night and Happy drinking.


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I don't wear shoes. And I habitually reinvent myself, like the wheel.
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17 Responses to The 2012 Election Drinking Game

  1. Storkhunter says:

    I want to move to the States just so that I can play this game

  2. becca3416 says:

    I will be playing. I don’t care if I don’t make it to work. I love you.

  3. ysobele says:

    u need to memorize all that to get bashed? >.<
    damn party rules… i solemly swear … wha his name? oh yeah right .. so help me richard burton…
    … i think i started earlyyyzzz
    **(( _ _ ))..zzzZZ **

    • MaximumWage says:

      No you can just print out the rules and keep em handy. ALSO YOU Should get ready for the game by drinking.

      • ysobele says:

        My gad! you can read when you’re all tweeties in your head?!
        you have that superpowers on you? nah.. u can’t be that gud, let’s see you write a beer blog and a cooking article while drunk, let’s see.. let’s see 😀

        I did get ready… just fell asleep tipsy .. did “sandy” won? *>.<**

  4. Hmm – this could take concentration, more than my drinking head can stand. But the game must go on, yes?

  5. Reblogged this on THE IRISH BARD and commented:
    At first glance I thought this was biased- as I finished reading, however, I assure you it is awesome! As long as you don’t have kids to look after or work the next morning! 😉

  6. Yeah... says:

    2nd annual? lol

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