All About Money

Just some true facts about money Y’all.

– If you ever want to give your money a sex change operation, go out and buy some different currency. I prefer US dollars to Thai Baht, now that’s a true sex change.

– Australian Money has windows in it. PROOF:

– Ugandan money is crazy, they have a 100 trillion dollar note that’s worth about 5$ US. PROOF:

– In Micronesia they used these large stones as currency…. WHAT!? Like their banks must be seriously large. FOR REALS! PROOF:

– Inflation is like your money getting really fat and can’t even do a pushup.

– Deflation is like your money has huge muscles but no one cares.

– Confederate money is worthless, unless of course its rare. At that point its valuable as a collectible and its also valuable as a away to purchase slaves if you have a time machine.

If you have any U.S. money, here are some cool origami figures you can make.

– If money were people there would be- wait, who am I kidding people are money, PROOF:

– Richard Branson is on the 20 pound note! PROOF:

– Some changes I’d like to make to American Currency.

To be honest I feel like this blog post is actually a 3rd graders report on modern day currencies.

I’m reaching a new low here folks.


About MaximumWage

I don't wear shoes. And I habitually reinvent myself, like the wheel.
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13 Responses to All About Money

  1. ysobele says:

    yup u are (゚O゚)\(- -;
    no worries my humor nver passed grade school anyways, slapstick and the works
    thats why i like the zorro five dollar bill hehehe

  2. I love teenage mutant ninja Abe!

  3. becca3416 says:

    I say you reached a new high. I’d throw some ones in your hat. My favorite is hipster Lincoln, and I think that Micronesian money is just a huge sand dollar. I like sand dollars. I made a Christmas tree ornament out of one once. End comment.

  4. Storkhunter says:

    The only thing that’s reached a new low is the value of money, this post should be new currency. Love the Micronesian giant stone money. Gives a whole new definition to “throwing money at the problem.” Well, that’s my tuppence worth.

    • MaximumWage says:

      Oh, you got me with the “Throwing money at the problem.” I’m more worried about my dollar, for some reason I think your British pound will be fine even if there was an apocalypse. The movie “Children of Men” is Proof.

  5. Jimmy&Kendra says:

    I like the Bill Murray Abe! I always thought it would be funny if an entire state voted for him for president. I mean he cant be worse than the politicians we already have.

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