You Should Like Jennifer Lawrence


Howdy everyone, I realize I haven’t written a blog post in a while.(I was sick all last week and didn’t feel like it.) I’ll finally have some more content coming out. As for now sit back relax and please like Jennifer Lawrence.

I’m sure there are some Jennifer Lawrence haters out there, so I gotta set the record straight. Here’s some down to earth, normal person Jennifer Lawrence quotes and other things you might not have heard about her. Its such a breath of fresh air to see someone in the spotlight who doesn’t think they invented glamor.



Andy Strunk is one of Jennifer Lawrence’s friends from High School. He’s been invited to a few of her movie premieres as her date. Here is an interview with him. WATCH IT!

Awesome, awesome Post Oscar interview. Hilarious. WATCH IT!




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13 Responses to You Should Like Jennifer Lawrence

  1. hm. cudda sworn I wrote something here. oh well. maybe next time.

  2. but hell yeah to her middle finger, esp when winning an award. good for her.

  3. Oh man, the after oscars questions seriously made me laugh!! “You don’t worry about peaking too soon?” ” we’ll NOW I am!!”
    And I Love that video about Andy!!

  4. I am deeply obsessed with the Hunger Games – both with the novel and the movie.
    Sadly, I am much less of a fan of the story than how I am amazed by the accurate picture of the near future Susan Collins delivers by it.
    By now it is an intimidate concern that all kids, including those who are like Jennifer, will be subjected to a real version of the story.

    I wish there would be an audible enough way to make this a point between two jokes.
    I am obviously not the only one who figured it out, and there are lots we can do to prevent it.

    • MaximumWage says:

      I hope you’re wrong… I know I don’t want to be slinging arrows for food.

      • Very good point. For a long time I was hoping the same.
        I allowed myself to not be busy with it for a while. Several years ago I predicted that we will be somewhere where we are now. Recently I did some more research – it turns out I was right – in fact the picture is more alarming than I predicted. (I don’t mean this to be boasting – on the contrary)

        As you might guess it is far from trivial to find the right voice and audience to this topic. Most people prefer sleeping this through, and at the time we all wake up will be too late.

        What I am saying is based on my research and my own experience. I was raised in an ex-communist country and studied politics & economics – thus from both sides I can tell when I see a dictatorship. But the emerging new empire will be a LOT worse than the ex-Soviet used to be. We are in the last 24 hours to reverse the process – hence my blog posts and this comment.

        Again, this isn’t my own nightmare (I wish it was). This is reality. There is much more on my blog on this – including some “advice” on what we can do to slow down and reverse this process. The bottom line: we should start educating ourselves on the subject and spread the word. That alone can make a difference through the ripple effect. I would recommend this to start with:

        “Global capitalism, the emerging new order and what can we do against it”

        Thanks a lot for reading this.

  5. Jennifer does stand out among the self-worshipping Hollywood crowd. She is gorgeous, witty, funny, no-nonsense, non-narcissistic.
    The press conference is like an added scene to the movie in which Katniss is shooting word-arrows at those morons.

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