Funny Youtube Comments

While wandering around the YouTube I have from time to time chanced upon some very funny comments. Some I might add, won’t require you to see the video to get the joke.











funnyyoutubejpg Hedgehog-youtube


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12 Responses to Funny Youtube Comments

  1. J-Dub says:

    How can one even try to Comment on this…I mean, you just can’t follow an act like that.

  2. You’ve outdone yourself on this one. I giggled (quietly) to myself the whole way through. And although I could look this up on line, I’m too lazy to, so why don’t they have colored pics of the moon? I mean….I find it difficult to believe its only black and white up there. Why would it be, after all?

  3. In addition, kuddos for having the energy and willpower to power through other people’s comments on youtube. I hardly ever scroll through comments anymore, they’re so filled with BS; however, these were definitely hidden gems.

  4. ALL RIGHT I’m gonna stop posting after this…but reading these at 3:00 AM, I just rescrolled through to find the best one, and I can’t actually decide which one that is. Seriously, good work.

  5. This post is awesome. Your blog is always awesome. Stay awesome!!!!!!

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