How I feel about blogging, as told through GIFs.

First things first.

This is what a GIF is.

Alright now on to more important things, like how I feel.

How I feel when I write a blog post and it gets one lonely little like:


How I feel when I write a blog post and not a single person reads it or likes it or comments on it:


How I feel when I get freshly pressed:


How It feels to write a post and think, “Aww yeah everyone is going to love this post.” Only to find out a week later it sucked.

Icandoit Icandoit2 failure

How I know people who click on blogs and hit JUST the “like” button, and never read the material feel:


How I feel when I reread a blog post from a while ago and notice a typo:


How I feel when I post on someone’s blog and they respond to my comment:


How I feel about writers block:


How I feel when I stumble upon a  talented, funny, gorgeous Lady Blogger:


How I feel when I read my comments section of my blog or another blog and find a comment I totally agree with:


How I feel when I read a compliment on my blog:


How it feels to come across another male humor writer:


And how I feel when I see those beautiful lady bloggers who only show their faces:


So enough about me… What about you? How do you feel?


About MaximumWage

I don't wear shoes. And I habitually reinvent myself, like the wheel.
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44 Responses to How I feel about blogging, as told through GIFs.

  1. rossmurray1 says:

    Ah, Prince, so androgysexy.
    And, yeah, are there, like, way WAY more female humour bloggers out there than dudes?
    Thanks. This was fun!

    • MaximumWage says:

      As a man, there is something so sexy about prince right? Its funny they are a dime a dozen however it is hard to find one that’s truly talented to boot.

      • rossmurray1 says:

        That’s a blog post right there: Are there men that, when you’re truly honest with yourself, you find sexy? The corollary would be the men women find sexy that you just don’t get. (Talking to you Gerard Butler.)

      • MaximumWage says:

        DONT EVEN TALK TO ME ABOUT GERARD BUTLER! I think for the most part many men would admit, “Yeah I can understand why women would be attracted to him.” On the other end of the spectrum is Louis Ck and how he feels about Ewan Mcgregor.

      • I completely understand why he loves Ewan. It’s totally allowed.

  2. Oh, Lols man, this is the best of yours!

  3. rossmurray1 says:

    Can’t reply to the thread somehow so I’ll start a whole new one here just to say, “Oh, Louie…!”
    That is all.

  4. Enjoyed this very much, thank you

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  7. I owe you my some big apologies – also as a possible addition to your blog experience:
    “How do you feel when someone goes wild about your post, comments it like five times, reblog your work, grants you an award for it, then adds a comment with a bunch of links to her own stupid stuff.”
    Yikes. (I added them links for fun not realising that it was a bummer to do so. Please feel free to remove them!)

    To make matters worse: I am technically challenged enough to properly put the image of your award and the featured gif image of your post into the comment. Sorry about that, too.

  8. Tutti says:

    Love the little girls view. Thats exactly how I feel when I get a smart comment 😉 Happy blogging to you!

  9. List of X says:

    This actually made me laugh, and considering that I’ve spent years training myself to read and listen to jokes without showing any emotion, that’s amazing!. So, a high five to you! (and by the way, which one are you, Tina Fey or Amy Poehler?)

    • MaximumWage says:

      Thanks for the compliment. To be honest I couldn’t pick between them. They’re both so funny and talented, but I have had a crush on Tina for a lot longer.

  10. The little girl: hilarious. By the time I got to Mufasa – I straight up guffawed. Yes. Guffaw-ed!

    Oh GIFs. I ❤ them.

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  12. Luubke says:

    How I was….. Untill I saw Prince

    Thank you for this awesome blog, moses!

  13. Totally good blog. I started reading it, and then got side tracked by Louie CK for….a long time. Way past my bed time actually. And then when the video was done I hit escape, and oh, shit! I still liked Prince. Well, not really I’m more into Mustapha types, but er, human, and not dickholes. Anyway, just ignore me. Like I said, I ran through your post. Got stuck in some Louie CK shit somewhere along the line, and then suddenly its like one in the afternoon. Not even sure how that happened.

    • MaximumWage says:

      hahahaha… You sound very very tired from staying up past your bedtime. I hope you got a good sleep. So you got stuck watching a bunch of Louis Ck vids? Ahh that can do it. For some reason I always thought you’d go for a mustafa type guy (I mean obviously not an asshole) hahaha. This conversation is getting silly and I blame you.

  14. amira says:

    I so like the “How I feel when I reread a blog post from a while ago and notice a typo” GIF

  15. These are hilarious. I love it.

  16. Ruby says:

    I love this post! I’ve re-read it several times because it’s hilarious!

  17. Pyx says:

    I peed a little.

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