Bored? Try These!


I have in the past created fun, exciting and cool things for people to do when they’re bored. Please enjoy them here, here and here.

And now onto some activities you haven’t tried.

  • As a single woman, ignore all advances from prospective mates. Live alone, acquire cats. Acquire more cats. Grow out hair, don’t wash or brush it. Complete your transformation to a cat lady after you turn 45.
  • As a single man, go out and buy plaid, LOTS OF PLAID. Grow out beard and wear a beanie. Become a logger. Transformation to Paul Bunyan complete. (Also go out and paint a bull blue but be careful.)
  • PART 1: Carry around two cups and string:2cupsandstring
  • PART 2: If you find yourself in a crowded room and your cell phone or another cell phone goes off, reach for your 2 cups and a string. “Answer” the call, if the phone keeps ringing switch cups and yell louder, “HELLO!” Turn to everyone around you and say, “must not be my phone.”
  • If anyone is suspicious that you are the owner of something, lick it and say, “its mine now.” The more you do this with children and animals the better.
  • As an adult show up uninvited to a baby shower wearing a onesie. You’ll get free food and people will like your costume.
  • While shopping with your friends, go out and buy some stilts and crutches and walk around playing “King of the hill” in the park. On special occasions do it drunk.
  • Wear only a Halloween mask into a bank, or take road flares and a turban onto a plane.
  • Light your farts.
  • Bring an abacus to your math final.
  • Bring a shovel and shotgun to your daughters wedding.
  • Bring mono to a college party.

Don’t do this one:



About MaximumWage

I don't wear shoes. And I habitually reinvent myself, like the wheel.
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13 Responses to Bored? Try These!

  1. damn. I was kinda hoping to do that last one.

    • MaximumWage says:

      I HOPE NOT! They might kick you out of Taiwan!

      • That wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Just between you and me, I’m sick to death of this place.

      • MaximumWage says:

        Leave. Come back to the US. You’ll have 1 friend that you’ll know of.

      • Awww thanks. The truth is, although there are a lot of shitty parts to living in Taipei, I’m just not ready to come home. I like my new job in editing. Some things suck, but some things are amazing. My friends are great. Actually, probably the only thing that sometimes bothers me is the crappy dating situation here. But, there are more opportunities to develop now that I’m in my new job, and university master programs in many countries are way cheaper than in the US. I’m sick of Taiwan, particularly right now because my job is causing me a huge amount of stress because of another employee that was supervising me initially who is constantly harrassing me. And I sit right next to him too. UGH! However, hopefully that will get resolved soon. I think a better idea is for you to move abroad. I think you’ll love it.
        What part of the States do you live in?

      • MaximumWage says:

        Well I’m sorry you have to deal with an asshat that you work with. Harassment sucks. It sucks even more when the person doing it, is doing it just to psychologically stress you in to believing that they are better than you.

        You know I have been wanting to move abroad. I love traveling. I looked at Sweden only because they have a pretty open immigration policy. And I’d love to do more of south east asia especially Thailand.

        Right now I’m in Virginia near DC. but I’ve lived all over the states.

      • Can’t say I’ve been to Thailand or Sweden.
        Doesn’t matte though. I don’t know about Sweden, but a lot of opportunities exist in Asia right. We’ve got the tiger by its tail, so to speak, at least for a littlre while longer.

  2. shapelle says:

    I don’t have any cats, but I can’t afford a hair cut and my ladyparts have cobwebs and/or tumbleweeds accompanied by creepy whistling music. If a man were to advance upon me I’d assume there was something wrong with him, unless he were all in plaid. I therefore feel like it won’t take til 45 to acquire official cat lady status.

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