A Very Disturbing Story


While I cannot confirm whether this story is true or false I can adequately convey that it is most likely an urban legend. It was told to me in college and I have relayed it to other friends and acquaintances throughout the last 8 years. I only remembered this story and a few others recently while talking to coworkers.

This story and others will be put in a series I’ll call “A Very Disturbing Story.”
You should expect to see more of them.

Please enjoy.

A young woman in college goes to a house party. She meets a young man and they hit it off, between the talking and the drinking they go to a back room and have sex.

A few days later she notices that wherever this guy’s penis touched her body, a rash has broken out. She goes out to the store to buy some medicine to clear it up, which doesn’t work. While at the doctors office she begins to get nervous. The doctor examining her looks really worried and has a very serious expression on his face.

The doctor stands up and says, “wait here.” Ten minutes later three more serious looking doctors walk in and quietly examine the rash. At this point the young woman is freaking out. “Holy shit, what do I have?” “Am I going to die?” The seriousness of these doctors is very intimidating. After examining the woman, all three doctors leave and the original doctor comes back in.

“Doctor what is going on?!” “I’m getting very scared.” She blurts out. “As you should be.” He responds. “That rash you have is no ordinary rash.” “I need to know who you have had sex with in the last month, names and addresses etc.” “Right now there is police officer standing outside this door because that rash you have, you can only get that from having sex with dead people.

That guy she had sex with at the party? He worked at a morgue and was having sex with the corpses.




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14 Responses to A Very Disturbing Story

  1. Holy shit.
    Holy shit

  2. ximenloft says:

    That was super disturbing. SUPER.

  3. dental eggs says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! I’m sorry. That was funny.

  4. ysobele says:

    I thought the punchline was that the boyfriend was dead. 🙂 A walking dead in early stages had sex with a girl and leaves her a souvenir. Now that’s a thought… how does a dead squirts off?
    geeesshhh.. now that’s the disturbing part hahahahah

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  6. This belongs in those old “Tales from the Crypt” or “Scary Stories You Read at Night” or whatever the hell they were called. Now that I think about it, this is probably why I don’t watch horror movies.

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