A Very Disturbing Story Part 3


Continuing the trend or Part 1 and Part 2 I thought it was time for another disturbing story.

This one involves ghosts or a kind of ghost I guess. You see, whats interesting about ghost stories or if someone claims they have seen a ghost, is that if one person sees a ghost you can always write it off by saying, “Oh I was just hallucinating.” But if two people see the same ghost you can’t just write it off.

To preface, I was told this story by mom’s friend when I was home for christmas during college may years ago. Before she told this story she asked her 9 year old daughter to leave the room. (This will be important later)

Alright, so a middle aged woman (my mom’s friend) wakes up in the middle of the night. The room is all dark, and she gets this feeling like there is another person in the room watching her. Its just a sense. She rubs her eyes and thats when she sees him.

Hunched in the corner of the room is a man. (in her words) He was crouched in a “frog like position.” And he was grinning at her with a very wide smile. Her first reaction was, “holy shit, I must be dreaming.” Just then the man slowly rose. He was about 8ft tall and had a short torso with really long skinny legs.  He was still grinning at her.

He proceeded to walk past the foot of her bed, staring her down and grinning.

As the man turned and left her room she let out a sigh of relief. Thats when she heard her daughter let out a blood curddling scream. The mother bolted out of bed and ran to her daughter. The first thing the daughter says is, “I just saw a scary man with really long legs walk past my door.” And thats when she knew she wasn’t hallucinating.

I have one more story about my aunt and uncle seeing the same ghost but it isn’t as scary.


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