The 4th of July Drinking Game


Welcome my fellow freedom loving Americans to the 4th of July drinking game. America is a land rich in history, conquered nations, diversity and of course BADASSES. I’ve combined a drinking game into a competition to be the biggest baddest badass on the day of Ultimate Freedoms.

You may want to print this out as you’ll be getting drunk pretty fast and want to have a list for the awards and achievements. Also, be sure to tell your guests to wear a t-shirt they wouldn’t mind getting destroyed. (you’ll understand later) As host its your job to hand out the awards so you don’t want to get too drunk.

Before we begin, here are some things you’ll need:

  • Red white and blue construction paper. (and some clothes pins)
  • US beer, Mexican beer (Modello and/or Corona), German beer (Becks and/or Bitburger), English beer (Newcastle), and Irish beer.(Guiness)
  • Sharpie pens (to keep track of how many drinks you’ve had)
  • Lapel flag pins
  • Lots of disposable shot cups
  • Lots of those “hello my name is” stickers.
  • Hard alcohol (Definitely Jack Daniels or any other TRUE american Liquor)
  • Gold “star” stickers like these:


With the construction paper and clothes pins you’ll want to create 10 of these:


You can make them anyway you want, red stars or all three colors, it doesn’t matter. You will need to make them big enough to write on, and so that they can be attached to a shirt with a clothes pin.


On the day of your party (independance day) everyone who shows up must go through “US Citizenship.” Because America is rich in diversity you want your guests to experience this.

Every guest must take 5 shots of beer prior to entry into the party (German, Irish, USA, English and Mexican). *A guest may substitute an american hard liquor instead of the beer if they prefer liquor to beer.*

Upon completion of the initiation, every guest is given this tag to put on their right side of the chest:


They may put their name or a famous American on it. (ABSOLUTELY NO BENEDICT ARNOLDS)

After initiating everyone, you should have awards/achievements out:


Here are the awards and their corresponding meanings:

Be sure to write these on the stars themselves, and you are more than welcome to think of your own awards and meanings.

  1. The Watergate Freedom Award

To the person who makes the first party foul of the night

2. The George Washington Award

To the oldest person at the party

3. The Communist Award

To the person who brings the most liquor or alcohol to share with at the party.

4. The Late for the World War Award

To the person who shows up last (or late).

5.  The General Eisenhower Award

To the first person who goes through initiation, takes 5 shots and 5 drinks.

6. The Gold Medal in Olympics Award

To the person who is the best at Beer pong, video games, any competition unrelated to this drinking game etc.

7. The Freedom Month Award

To the person born on 4th of july or as close as possible to it. (if you have two people who share the same birthday of the 4th of july, it will always go to the eldest person)

8. The Red Badge Of Courage Freedom Award

To the first person who has injured themself.

9. The Florence Nightingale Award

To the person who takes care of the sick people, dishes, cleaning up or any other problems that may arise.

10. The Eagle Double Freedom of Justice Award

To anyone who goes all out on wearing a USA costume or clothes (Mullet, torn levi’s jeans shorts, aviators, American flag wife beater etc.)

The flag pin:

Will only be given to those people who make it to dawn. The lyrics of the star spangled banner:

“Oh say can you see, by the DAWNS EARLY LIGHT.”

You can also do 2 am or midnight if you have a bunch of babies at your party.

The Gold stars:

Represent 1 shot of alcohol taken and are to be placed on the left side of the chest. If you are a 5 star general, everyone who isn’t a 5 star general must salute you every time you take a drink.


For every beer finished put one notch from a sharpie on your arm.

Here is where everything should go:


Happy 4th of July to all of you and be safe.


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I don't wear shoes. And I habitually reinvent myself, like the wheel.
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