Dumb College Pranks


As much fun as it would be to constantly write about old college experiences, I’ve decided to keep them to a minimum. I’m going to stick to one a month, so here is a nostalgia dripping story for September.

Once upon a time I got pranked, and deserved it.

At the end of the spring semester, a buddy of mine (John) had come over to my apt to hang out. After a while, he remembered an email that needed replying and asked to use my computer. What he didn’t know and what I found out later, is that he accidentally saved his email password. I had full and complete access to his email!

My reaction to the discovery:


I thought for a while on how best to use my new power, and then it hit me. I’ll send myself an email using John’s Email account. I concocted the email below:

To: Moses

From: John

Moses you F*cking asshole, if I ever see you again I’ll beat your head in with a baseball bat. You’re a piece of shit and worthless human being. If you were on fire I wouldn’t spit on you.

If you see me on campus… WALK THE OTHER F*CKING WAY.


I waited a few hours and sent my response.

To: John

From: Moses

DUDE! WTF?! What did I do? What is going on? Talk to me!


After hitting send I went to bed. The next morning I had completely forgotten about the email and was on campus. I ran into John who immediately went into apology mode.

“Moses! Dude I am so sorry! I must have been so drunk last night, I have no idea why I sent you that email, are we still friends?” I remembered the email and started laughing and laughing uncontrollably. John couldn’t figure out why it was so funny, so I spilled the beans on everything. John was so mad, and devised a plan of revenge.

After summer and sometime during early September,  I was shocked one morning because I had gotten a weird email.

To: Moses

From: FunnyGuy123

Hey Theatreguy123, I saw your profile online and thought, “hey this guy looks cute.” So if you’d like to hang out and talk about theater I’m available. My number is ###-###-####.

*this message generated from Gaymatch.com


I clicked on the link and checked out my profile, after reading the contents it became very clear who was behind my profile.

My reaction to this prank:


I confronted John who started laughing hysterically.

The kicker to all of this?

He created that profile right after the initial email incident. Apparently my profile had been up for 3 months, WITHOUT A SINGLE GAY GUY WANTING TO TALK TO ME.

I think my self esteem took a hit after that one. I mean come on! I know I’m NOT A MALE MODEL or gay, BUT GOSH! 3 MONTHS!?



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5 Responses to Dumb College Pranks

  1. The Cutter says:

    Don’t feel bad. Gay men generally don’t find me attractive either.

  2. List of X says:

    3 months? That might hurt even more, knowing that even people in your own gender don’t find you attractive.

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