Going To A Movie Theater, as told through GIFS.

Logan Theatre

We all go see m0vies right? Sometimes its a good experience, sometimes its bad. I went to my local theater and this is what happened.

I’m meeting a few other friends to see the movie THOR 2. I’ve decided to show up early and get a ticket.  Seeing the line of people waiting for tickets made me do this:



Ok, so maybe going to see THOR 2 opening weekend wasn’t such a good idea. The only other thing that bothered me was that I was 14-18 years older than everybody else in line.

Idontcare Idontcare2

I mean I came to see THOR! I don’t care who I see it with, as long as I see it right?

After waiting in line for 10 minutes I started to “overhear” little pieces of conversation from your typical 13-16 year old boys and girls.

All I wanted to do was this:


But mostly my reaction was this:


I am officially old.

After buying my tickets I turn around and spot a friend of mine.


It felt so good to have someone to talk to. Someone who wouldn’t make me roll  my eyes every 30 seconds. It was after finding my seat that I realized how utterly stupid I was. You see those same young children who were in line with me, would now be sitting behind, in front and to the sides of me throughout the movie.


As a particular young teenage couple sits down behind me, I hear the young lady say to her boyfriend, “I love you for taking me to this.”

At first I’m all:


But then he responds, “love you too babe.”


I mean they’re only teens right? It’ll last FOREVER!

The previews start and the cell phones and talking don’t stop.


I bit my tongue, I wanted to lash out at these kids for texting and talking during the previews but, common sense prevailed. It  would be smarter to unleash my wrath and rage when the movie started.

Funny thing, as soon as the movie started BOOM! No sound, no cell phones, no talking.

I was like:

Confused Whatthe-okgif

But then I was like:


You see boys and girls, never underestimate a group of people. They just might surprise you. Apparently they wanted to see the movie as much as I did.

Also here is how much I liked the movie.


Enjoy your week!


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10 Responses to Going To A Movie Theater, as told through GIFS.

  1. jayne says:

    I love your gif face stories – perfection…and NO lines,cell phones, or teenagers! thx!

  2. So funny! Love the GIFs – they are hilarious. I actually can’t wait to see Thor 2. The power of the hammer keeps everyone quiet! 😉

  3. I was reading this to my boyfriend and expressed every little vid bit you had in place. I am so lame but so awesome all in the same. Totally enjoyed this read!!!

  4. Though, Lame-os for texting and talking during previews. Previews are THE BOMB!

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