Playing Monopoly As told using GIFS.


Its the HOLIDAY SEASON!  As you get together with family feel free to play boardgames or watch movies to pass the time. Here is how a recent game of monopoly went down with my family.

My little brother wanted to play a game of monopoly on Thanksgiving.  Being the very pro-business and competitive family that we are, we played. Things have gotten dicey in the past.

What I say to everyone before the game begins:

I make a few good roles buying up some properties and can even feel my confidence rising:


When I see someone buy up my favorite properties: (The dark green ones)


How I reacted when I saw my little brother getting ripped off. 2 railroads for electric company?


When someone tries to rip me off:donttrypowers

When I land on free parking and get that extra money:


When I have hotels and a lot of money, and then 10 minutes later I’m broke.


When I land on a hotel someone else owns and I’m losing:


How I want to end my turn when I’m losing:


When I’m broke, on the ropes and land on someone’s property hoping they won’t notice (so I don’t have to pay)


When someone lands on my property and I don’t catch it:


My math skills most of the game:


How I really end the game before walking away:






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I don't wear shoes. And I habitually reinvent myself, like the wheel.
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14 Responses to Playing Monopoly As told using GIFS.

  1. Pyx says:

    HA! Brilliant and well done – I think this is your best one yet – because we all know that not everyone has this much fun during the holidays with family.

    • MaximumWage says:

      Thanks! It looks like you need to start having more fun with your family.. A drinking game perhaps?

      • Pyx says:

        I am an avid board gamer all year long actually (I am one of those people that grew up and lives without cable tv) but since moving the USA I get the impression that a lot of people are at a loss as to what to do with other people in their home – let alone their kids not in school- but I think this might explain the shopping…

        No drinking needed with my family the great IQ 2000 Royal Rumble of ’84 almost ended in my parents getting divorced…

  2. Omg, monopoly math skills…the last time i played, like a month ago, it was reaaaallly late at night, and somehow I calculated that 10 x 11 was 1100. No one else checked my mistake, and 20 minutes later 4 people were bankrupt… HAHAHA!! The game we played the next day – everyone checked my math.


    And I dominated ^.^

  3. Luubke says:

    Due to a lot of school stress I wasn’t able to read your posts, so when I got an email about this post. I decided to check it out -at school (note to self: don’t ever do that again. I laughed out loud during a lecture and everyone was looking at me).
    I re-read all the missed blog. Great job Moses!

    BTW, we also played a lot of monopoly – back in the old days. My brother always won. We (my dad and I, because my mom always was broke first) knew we were in trouble when he stood up on from his chair and would bent over the playing board… That meant he was winning/had a strategy. Brrr, I still get the chills when he does that.

    • MaximumWage says:

      Oh my goodness, that is SOO embarrassing. I hope it was a boring lecture and not something interesting. Thanks for the compliment.

      I sound a lot like your mom, I’m usually the one to go broke first 😦 you’d probably kick my ass. Is your brother a bustling business man now? Did his monopoly skills translate to real life?

      Also my dad and 2 of my brothers are all cut throat which is usually why I go bankrupt first. 😦

  4. I hate monopoly. My sister and my friend would get into feuds every time we played. Truth? They both fucking cheated…And I never won ever. Errrr. I’ll take a scrabble board game any day of the week,. Not only does it have a more definitive time frame for ending, but I also rule. Who can argue with that sort of fun and games?

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