Making Mistakes As Told Through Gifs.


We all have those days.

How I feel checking for grammatical errors before posting a blog post.


How I feel after I’ve published said blog post, and find a really bad grammatical error:


How I feel when I say something stupid, knock something over or just act stupid while drunk:


How I react to the same things when sober:


And what I want to do immediately:


When I signed up on some website and I notice I’m getting WAY more spam:


How I feel when I ask a girl out and get a very polite, “No thanks”


When my mind suddenly has an intrusive thought, my immediate reaction afterwards:

What3 WHat1

If you don’t know what an intrusive thought is click HERE

How I feel when I see some Ice cream:


What I whisper to myself in front of the gym mirror the next morning:


How I feel when I see someone make a mistake I’ve never done such as forgetting my wallet or losing my keys:


What can I say I have a little schadenfreude with problems that aren’t mine!

How I react at scary movies or when I set my alarm too early:


How I felt after watching a sad movie with my friends:


Like who decided watching UP was a good idea?! Screw that.

What I think, and what many other single people think on Valentines day:


When I’m working with tools and I smash a finger:


How I feel immediately after the pain has gone away:rick-rude-

I’m so tough damn it….

How I feel after a night of heavy drinking and I see multiple drunk dials and drunk texts the next morning:


But I mean basically other than these instances I’m a perfect person.



About MaximumWage

I don't wear shoes. And I habitually reinvent myself, like the wheel.
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5 Responses to Making Mistakes As Told Through Gifs.

  1. As always with your gif posts – laughing hysterically!

    Luckily my last drunken night (last week…), my phone had already died. Phew!

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