My Take On The News

Pretty self explanatory once you see the headline and my tagline below it.



What century is it? MUMPS? This can’t be real. Next you’ll be telling me Yellow fever, dysentery and the Oregon Trail are back.


Nothing compared to a  few Lakers riots.


So what the heck is up with your name? I’d sell my shit too if it rhymed with “Large” and whatever the other name is.


EU membership, Crimea and now a security service HQ? What won’t be taken from Ukraine? Dibs on the non scary parts!


Really? “Just like” it? Are you sure this time? Cause we should call a press conference or something, like all those other times.



Again with the horrible names!? MALLINCKRODT that sounds like a German gum disease.


I didn’t know he was alive!?


Finally! New Jersey gives back to New York city!



Either this is the smartest 5 yr old on the planet or Xbox forgot to do some security.  My money is on the one who likes recess and animal crackers.



But guys! It was in Belgium, they have amazing beer! YOU GET TO TAKE BEER BREAKS!


That’s all! Now go out and get informed by the news!


About MaximumWage

I don't wear shoes. And I habitually reinvent myself, like the wheel.
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