Where You Put Your GPS Unit and What it Says About You.


Middle Lower of the Windshield.

  • You’re the type of person who wants a clear view of the road. You probably take your time when you make left hand turns because your field of view is obscured by the door frame. You know exactly where you’re going whenever you get into a car, you have a tendency to back seat drive and get frustrated when someone else is driving. But you’re a careful driver and one that people can rely on. You are a Leo and your favorite song to sing in the car is, “Stay With Me.”


Lower Left Of the Windshield

  • You’re the person who makes sure their seat belt is locked. Your decision to move your GPS unit in the lower left part of the windshield really speaks lengths about how you feel about yourself. You don’t think very highly of yourself and often feel reluctant to take about personal problems. When your GPS unit is wrong you blame yourself. You’re the type of person who bought a GPS unit because you literally have no idea where you’re going most of the time.


Below the Rear View Mirror.

  • You’re efficient with you’re driving. You know you’re checking out your rear view mirror all the time so might as well check two things at the same time in the same vicinity. You might be followed or you might be checking for the cops as you blast your way down the road. You don’t care about the obstruction of vision you just want to get where you need to go. You’re direct when you drive and direct when you use your GPS. You just want to get there.


Middle of the Dash

  • You think you’re important but you’re not. You’re kind of an asshole. You wish you had a enough money to buy a car with a built in GPS but you don’t. You thought you’d be cool by hooking your GPS unit to the dash, but it only makes you come off as douchebag. You fart a lot while driving. You also have a Urinary tract infection most of the year. You don’t know why you won’t put your GPS unit on the windshield, but your complete lack of intelligence prevents you from answering that question. You have a lot of bumper stickers spouting inane or outdated slogans. Your car is covered in garbage inside and you only bought your GPS unit because your few remaining friends got sick of talking you through every turn to Cold Stone Creamery. If your GPS unit told you to turn left into a lake, you’d do it. You scratch your butt constantly and listen to old rave music from the late 90’s.


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I don't wear shoes. And I habitually reinvent myself, like the wheel.
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3 Responses to Where You Put Your GPS Unit and What it Says About You.

  1. List of X says:

    It sounds like that last guy also “borrowed” half of your DVD collection and tried to steal your girlfriend, too.

  2. what about the, “I stick it underneath the radio because I don’t have a cool way to hold it on the dash/windshield so I listen harder than I’ve ever listened for the little voice calling out instructions”? 🙂

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