Road Signs and Secret Meanings.

We’ve all seen road signs and didn’t quite know what they mean. You’re driving around in your car, you see the sign and go “UHHH What do I do?!” BUT THE LIGHT HAS TURNED GREEN!  You have to make a decision quick!

I’m here to help. Please look at the signs below, my interpretations are written below including subtext and hidden meanings.

What this sign really says is, “DO NOT PASS GAS.”

“PASS GAS Carefully.”

“No gravity allowed.”

Well this sign is clearly stating that there is more than “ONE WAY” in life. There are multiple ways to achieve fulfillment while on your way through existence. One day you decide “Hey! I’m gonna quit my job and move to California, to be a struggling actor.” You go against the grain, working your hardest to make a new way for yourself. I’m gonna go against the grain, and express my individuality and gumption. You do this mind you, only to discover you’ve made a huge monstrous mistake… You make that mistake and think “WHAT DID I JUST WRITE?” Sorry everyone I think  just had a huge flashback/writers vomit.

No thumbs up, only thumbs down.

Only people without a face or arms can wear seat belts.

If you play the game chicken with your car, do this at the last second.

If you see these signs. Be sure to stop, you’re about to have lots of sex.

Playing with Legos is allowed.

Drive around the shield in the road.

That’s all, drive safe and don’t forget to pass gas CAREFULLY.


About MaximumWage

I don't wear shoes. And I habitually reinvent myself, like the wheel.
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2 Responses to Road Signs and Secret Meanings.

  1. I love when people add bumper stickers to signs. Quite often hilarious

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